Arctic Root


Rhodiola rosea (commonly known as arctic root, golden root, rose root, rosenroot, Aaron’s rod, king’s crown, or orpin rose) grows in wild Arctic regions and is a popular adaptogen.


Arctic Root was the first plant to be studied as an adaptogen, a source of non-toxic compounds that boost the body’s response to stress. It produces as many as 140 compounds and is the only plant to produce rosavin, rosin, and rosarin together, three phenolic compounds with clinically proven health benefits.

Rhodiola rosea extracts are a potent skin active thanks to their antioxidant compounds (including caffeic acid and gallic acid) and flavonoids that scavenge free radicals in the epidermis. They have been clinically shown to protect cell membranes from certain types of oxidative compounds and improve oxygen respiration in cells. Recent studies suggest that Arctic Root can also accelerate wound healing and act as an immunomodulator to reduce sensitive skin disorders, giving them wide applications in natural skincare and anti-aging products for sensitive skin.


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