Boosters: Power Up Your Skincare

We love boosters. But there’s a lot of confusion about what they do for your skin.

With serums, moisturizers, and so many other product categories on the market, it’s not always obvious how and when you’re supposed to use each one.

That’s why we created this quick, straightforward guide to our favorite product.


  • deliver targeted effects
  • contain higher concentrations of actives
  • let you customize your skincare regimen
  • give you more from the products you already use
  • lock in powerful benefits (moisturizing, anti-aging, anti-irritation)
  • deal with problems so you’re not just covering them up
  • evolve your skincare routine

And what we love even more? They fit into your day (or night) no matter what you’ve got planned.

Three easy ways to use a booster:

On its own: for simple smooth results

  1. cleanse
  1. apply booster evenly over face and neck
  1. apply SPF
  1. make-up optional

Blending: for streamlined results

  1. cleanse
  1. blend booster with another serum or moisturizer & apply evenly over face and neck
  1. apply SPF
  1. make-up optional

Layering: for when you feel like going the extra mile

  1. cleanse
  1. apply toner or serum
  1. apply booster evenly over face and neck
  1. apply moisturizer or facial oil
  1.  apply SPF
  1. make-up optional


Do I need to add a serum or toner?

Anti Dose delivers some of same the benefits you expect from a high-end serum or toner. It’s formulated with concentrated skincare actives to deliver a spectrum of anti-aging, moisturizing, and anti-irritant effects. We recommend adding a toner, serum, or face cream when you’re looking for targeted benefits, such as soothing acne or getting that extra dose of hydration in winter.

Get in touch anytime to ask about blending or layering Anti Dose with other products.

Should I use an SPF over my booster?

Anti Dose was formulated to be layered under an SPF. Together they give you full spectrum protection against environmental damage (pollution, wind, and sun). We recommend waiting 1 or 2 minutes for the product to settle, then applying an SPF over your booster.

I’m lost. When exactly do I use Anti Dose?

Step 2 — it’s the first thing you put on your face in the morning after cleansing!

Our boosters are designed to give you a silky finish, so you can blend or layer on other skincare and cosmetics.

The golden rule is lightest to heaviest texture. Just follow the Layering guide if you’re adding a serum or toner.


Have booster questions? Email us at or message us on Instagram anytime. We love hearing from you!

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