Centella Asiatica


Centella asiatica (gotu kola, also known as tiger grass, Brahmi, or Asiatic pennywort) is an aquatic plant indigenous to South and Southeast Asia, with culinary and medicinal uses.


Gotu Kola has a wide range of clinically proven benefits in skincare. It initially attracted attention for its use in the prevention and improvement of scars, containing triterpenes saponins (asiaticoside and madecassoside) that boost the healing process. Studies have shown that these compounds can also help stimulate skin collagen production and significantly improve skin hydration and the tensile strength of newly formed skin.

In addition to its triterpene saponins, Centella asiatica contains flavonoids and phenolic acid with protective and anti-aging effects, inhibiting the free radicals that cause skin aging and stimulating the dermal microvascular system. Because of its potent yet non-sensitizing properties, it’s gaining popularity as an anti-aging product for sensitive skin.


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